Summer Travel Tips: How to Plan Your Perfect Getaway

Spring is here! The warmer days and budding plants get me excited about summer, and summer travel. Travel is one of the most common and enjoyable goals expressed by my clients, and I can certainly understand why. The anticipation of exploring new destinations and creating special memories is a thrilling prospect for many individuals. However, planning a vacation or setting a travel goal involves careful consideration and preparation. Here are some tips and insights to help you plan your perfect summer getaway.

One key aspect to consider is the use of travel credit cards. When I set out to choose a travel credit card, I realized that these cards vary significantly in terms of benefits and costs. It’s crucial to conduct thorough research to select one that aligns with your specific needs. Websites like and offer valuable resources to help you compare cards and make an informed decision.

In my case, I opted for the Southwest card, which allowed me to earn points that eventually qualified me for their companion pass. This pass allowed me to take someone with me for free on each flight, leading to remarkable savings and enabling my family to explore destinations like Hawaii and Costa Rica. More recently, I switched to the Venture X card due to its additional travel benefits and flexibility with airline points, particularly for trips to Europe. However, it’s important to note that such cards may come with higher annual fees, so ensure that you will use the benefits effectively.

When deciding on your travel goal, it’s essential to ponder over various crucial factors such as:

  1. Destination: Where do you want to go?
  2. Travel Timing: What time of year do you want to travel? Is it suitable for your chosen destination?
  3. Budget: What is your budget for the trip?
  4. Lodging: What type of lodging do you prefer? Hotel, Airbnb, VRBO, or a cruise?
  5. All-Inclusive Options: Do you want an all-inclusive package?
  6. Travel Companions: If you are traveling solo or with friends, would you like to join a tour or travel independently?
  7. Travel Agent Assistance: Should you use a travel agent for additional perks and assistance in finding deals, considering both the pros and cons of this option?
  8. Special Add-ons: Consider adding special extras to your trip, such as hiring a private chef for a few nights to enhance your experience.
  9. Travel Insurance: Evaluating the necessity of trip insurance and understanding the various options available, including specific trip insurance and annual policies for frequent travelers.
  10. Inclusions and Activities: Understanding the activities included in your trip versus those that require additional payment.
  11. Flight Booking Tips: Optimizing flight bookings by considering the best day to book flights. In a recent article from Expedia, we are told to book international flights ideally 60 days in advance and preferably on a Sunday, with morning travel to minimize potential delays.

While the aforementioned considerations provide a solid foundation for planning your summer travel, it’s important to note that this is not an exhaustive list. The world of travel offers a plethora of tips and hacks that can further enhance your vacation experience. A simple Google search for “travel tips” or “travel hacks” will yield a wealth of information. Additionally, there are some fantastic apps available to assist you along the way.

TRIPIT: One such app is TripIt, which I recently discovered during my research for this blog. With TripIt, you can easily organize your travel reservations by simply emailing them to the app. It will create a comprehensive itinerary and keep track of all the details for you, ensuring a seamless and organized trip. I am eagerly looking forward to utilizing this app on my next adventure, and I am confident it will streamline the planning process for you as well.

BEEN: Another app worth mentioning is “Been.” This innovative tool allows you to record the places you’ve traveled to, offering a sense of accomplishment and motivation to explore more of the world. The app even quantifies your global travels, providing insights such as the number of countries you’ve visited and the percentage of the world you’ve experienced. For me, it has been a joy to witness my progress, as I went from 6 years ago to having explored 8 countries and 4% of the world. It serves as a reminder of the power of travel to broaden our horizons and create lasting memories.

Summer travel is an exciting opportunity to broaden your horizons, discover new cultures, and create lasting memories. By carefully considering various factors such as destination, budget, and travel timing, you can design a vacation tailored to your goals.  As your trusted advisor, guiding you toward financial success is at the forefront of our commitment to you. We strive to provide expertise, dedication, and resources to help shape your future. So, start planning your summer getaway with confidence, knowing that our team is here to support you on your journey towards your travel dreams. Happy travels!