Let’s create a financial plan centered around your goals.

Your financial goals are personal to you so a generic financial plan isn’t going to cut it. Whether you need a full-service approach or short-term help, we’re ready to guide you through whatever life throws your way.

Full-Service or Annual Financial Planning

Full Service Financial Planning

Annual Financial Planning

We designed Annual Planning for people who need or want ongoing financial planning but either don’t have assets that can be moved to HFP to manage (for example, a 401(k)) or the client prefers to manage their own investments, with advice from HFP.  Annual Planning includes: 

Annual Planning does not include direct management of investments, provide performance reporting, or offer other ancillary services that accompany investment management.

Here’s what to expect when you engage in financial planning with us:

$7,500 minimum annual fee or $750,000 in Assets Under Management (AUM).

Initial Consultation

Complimentary 30-Minute Call

We learn more about your current situation, needs, and aspirations.  In addition, you will gain a better understanding of our services, philosophy, approach, and pricing.

Initial Consultation


Goal Development

This is a two meeting process designed to help us fully understand you, your goals, and values.  The first meeting is about getting to know you, your background, and what you envision your ideal life looking like in the near and distant future.  In the second meeting, we develop specific goals that will help you achieve your ideal life.


Initial Results

Co-Creation of Your Financial Plan

In this meeting, we present your initial plan projections along with options and alternate scenarios to consider.  Together, we’ll evaluate your options and develop a strategy for moving forward that feels right for you.

Initial Results

Plan Presentation

Explore Your New Financial Plan

We will present you with a plan summary and action items, along with a custom implementation schedule during this meeting.

Plan Presentation


Take The First Steps Toward Your Goals

Each client’s implementation process looks different depending on your specific needs, capacity, and timeline for progress.

If you prefer to take “baby steps”to avoid becoming overwhelmed, we cover one topic at a time and implement slowly. If you prefer to cover as much ground as possible, we may work on implementing several changes at once and cover multiple topics in one meeting.  Topics can include investment management, cash flow, insurance/risk management, estate planning, tax planning, charitable giving, etc.


Project Financial Planning

The process is similar to the above except that project plans are limited to 4 meetings and flat-rate billing. If you want a comprehensive financial plan that covers all areas of your financial well-being or a professional second opinion, our short-term financial planning package is an excellent option.

This is a limited scope engagement and includes:

We offer project planning on a limited basis, as time and capacity allows.

Financial Planning Frequently Asked Questions

HFP works with individuals, couple, and families for whom one or more of the following applies:

  • People who are undergoing, or who have undergone, a major life transition (divorce, inheritance, retirement)
  • People with investment portfolios of $1-10 million
  • Residents of Erie, Boulder, and surrounding communities in Colorado
  • People aged 45-75 from around the country who do not mind meeting virtually
  • People who are motivated to move forward and want a partner to help them on their journey.

Anyone who is averse to technology.  Someone who wants to beat the market, who wants the latest hot stock tip, or who watches the market on a daily basis.

No.  While we prefer to manage money at our custodians, we understand that sometimes you may have trusts or accounts that cannot be moved.  We can work with you wherever your money is located.

Yes, we are comfortable working with your attorney, CPA, trustee (if you have one), and even your other financial advisors.  If you do not have advisors, we can provide you with referrals to people who may be able to help you.

Answer here.

We can help you deal with both the financial and emotional elements of being an inheritor (or divorced person, or retiree).  Oftentimes people haven’t been educated in money and may feel overwhelmed, uncomfortable talking about their wealth, anxious about being a good steward, etc.  They may not understand the boundaries of what the portfolio can and cannot do for them financially.  We help you understand what the money means to you and make choices with it that will support you in living the life you want to live.

If you are considering living off of your inheritance, a Certified Financial Planner® can help you determine if this is a possibility and the best strategies for managing those funds. Because we specialize in the unique issues inheritors face, Hinman Financial Planning can help you understand what options are available to you. 

In thinking about the type of firm I wanted to run, I kept coming back to the concept of Midwestern values (or at least my idea of them). This means working hard, providing good quality work, thinking long-term, and doing so at a reasonable cost.

We will begin by talking about you, your circumstances, your goals, and your expectations for our relationship. Some people need an accountability coach, others just somebody to verify and/or provide a second opinion. Others have no interest in, nor knowledge about, finances. I customize my work with you based on your needs, not mine.

As for me, you can expect me to help keep you focused on the big picture, and to try to simplify the complex wherever possible. I tend to be pretty straightforward and try to speak plainly and to the point. I will be your biggest cheerleader, but I’m also ready to have difficult conversations when necessary. (I am a mother of teenagers!)

What if you don’t know what your goals are, or what they should be? Are you worried that you aren’t on track? Do your goals feel out of alignment with your values? In our work together, we will explore all of these areas, customizing our process to fit your needs.

CFP® professionals must have attained a college degree, and are required to complete an advance college-level course of study in financial planning. In addition, they have passed the comprehensive 10-hour, 2 day CFP® Certification Examination, and have completed at least three years of full-time financial planning-related experience.

Yes. I believe the most productive relationships are those where I work with clients in both a financial planning and investment management capacity. That said, you are under no obligation to do both. Financial planning and investment management are available as separate services. You are under no obligation to do both.

Fee-only advisors get paid for the advice and guidance they provide. They do not receive commissions, nor do they sell products. The client – and the client’s needs – are at the center of the relationship, not some firm the advisor represents or the products the firm sells.

No. The introductory meeting is free.

You are always welcome to meet with me at my office in Erie, and I can also meet with clients in Boulder. Virtual meetings work very well, too, when meeting in person isn’t possible, or convenient. Phone meetings are an option, too, though not always ideal.

Feel free to schedule an Introductory Meeting by visiting the Schedule a Meeting page. You can call or email me, too, using the information on the Contact page. If you aren’t yet ready to meet, take some time to review our latest articles here.