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traveling after divorce

Seeing the World After a Divorce

After my divorce in 2018, I found myself yearning for new experiences and eager to embark on adventures beyond the familiar. One of my big ...
financial travel goals

Summer Travel Tips: How to Plan Your Perfect Getaway

Spring is here! The warmer days and budding plants get me excited about summer, and summer travel. Travel is one of the most common and ...
Divorce Financial Checklist

Am I Going to Be Okay?  A Timeline of Organizing Finances After Divorce

Amidst the whirlwind of emotions when going through a divorce, one of the most pressing concerns is often the state of your finances…and there’s a ...
Learn how to do a roth

Unlocking Tax-Efficient Wealth: The Power of Roth Conversions

Most high-earning individuals are not eligible to make Traditional Roth contributions due to income limitations.  For these people, doing a Roth conversion can be ideal.
Tax season and organizing taxes

Navigating Tax Season: A Gentle Reminder and a Digital Tale

As the whispers of tax season echo in the air, we extend a friendly reminder to our cherished financial clients. While the routine of gathering ...
organizing taxes

Financial Success Awaits: Get Organized With These Actionable Steps for the New Year

As we continue to set intentions in this new year, we think about getting organized both physically and emotionally.  One very important intention that can ...