Financial Planning & Investments

Financial Planning

We Start With You…

When we begin our financial planning work together, our first conversations will be about your values and your goals.
Knowing the values that are most important to you will drive our work together.
Once we have a clear understanding of your values, we can work to define and refine your goals. Do you have clear goals? Are they in alignment with your values?

Comprehensive Planning…

Keeping your goals and values in mind, we will prepare a comprehensive plan that includes your whole net worth and all of the areas that are important to you. And because reviewing everything can be overwhelming, we organize the steps and our meetings into manageable doses, starting with the issues that are most important to you. After every meeting, you will receive a written report with recommendations and action steps.

Our Ongoing Work Together…

Life changes: You have kids. You change jobs. A parent dies. Good, bad, or ugly, the one constant in life is change. As your passions change, and your values and goals along with them, Hinman Financial Planning can help you re-evaluate, adjust, and move forward. With and when you are a Financial Planning Retainer Client, I am available to help you manage the transitions and will contact you periodically throughout the year (especially if it appears you are heading off track). Of course, you should always feel free to contact me when you have questions or are experiencing changes of heart or direction.

To talk about whether ongoing planning services might be a good fit for you or your family, and to receive a customized proposal, please schedule a complimentary introductory meeting.

Project Planning

Not quite ready for a complete, comprehensive plan? No problem. If an ongoing planning relationship isn’t applicable at this point in your financial journey, I offer a Project Planning Program. The Project Planning is appropriate if you:

1.) Want to get a sense of what working with me is like, or

2.) Just have a couple of questions you need answered, or

3.) Want help getting started, but do not need comprehensive planning yet.

The Project Planning Program includes:

  • A 60-90 minute meeting for me to get to know you, your questions, and to gather some information about your circumstances.
  • A follow-up e-mail from me with a checklist of additional items needed to complete my work, and any questions that need clarifying.
  • A 60-minute “Results” meeting, where I present a written report with your results, my recommendations, and action steps for you.
  • A 30-day follow-up call to check on your progress.

The Project Planning Program is available for a one-time fee.

If, after completing the program, you would like to continue working with me in an ongoing capacity, your fee will be credited toward your initial planning fee.


Our Philosophy:

  1. We believe in Market Efficiency, a theory that markets are efficient, but not always rational, and that prices reflect all available public information. It is impossible to know ahead of time when the market will move, or what direction it will take. As a result, we believe that “active” management will not consistently out-perform over the long-term. Active management strategies include “timing the market” and “stock picking.”
  2. Asset allocation refers to the proportion of stocks, bonds, and cash in a portfolio. We believe that asset allocation will have a much greater influence on long-term portfolio returns than the individual positions inside a portfolio.
  3. We believe that having a diversified portfolio, which means holding a number of different, and different types of investments, will help to reduce risk.
  4. Your timeline is very important. We believe that investing for the long term is critical for investing success, and that the safety of principal is paramount for short-term goals.
  5. Expenses matter. We believe that minimizing costs and taxes is an important component in helping you reach your goals.

Finally, we believe that you are best served when your investments are tied to a comprehensive financial plan, but we do offer investment management services on a standalone basis as well.

The Investment Process:

The investment process shares many similarities with our financial planning process. The first step is to identify your goals, your tolerance for risk, your time horizon, income requirements, tax situation, and any other considerations you might have. We will consult with other advisors as necessary, such as your tax accountant and attorney, to help understand your situation and to coordinate your investments with your planning.

Guidelines and Implementation
Once we have identified your needs, we will create an investment plan for you, with written guidelines and our mutual agreements regarding your investments. Only after the guidelines are complete will we begin to implement your investment plan.

Ongoing Monitoring and Reporting
We will provide ongoing monitoring of your investment portfolio, with periodic re-balancing in accordance with your asset allocation. We will also provide regular investment reporting to you, along with periodic investment meetings to help ensure alignment between your investments, your investment plan, and your goals.